Dances Around the World

Graham-Kapowsin High School

May 18, 2019 7:30 pm


  • Selections from "The Danserye"
  • Tielman Susato arr. Partick Dunnigan
  • Rikudim I. Andante moderato II. Allegretto con eleganza III. Andante con dolcezza IV. Con moto e follemento
  • Jan Van der Roost
  • The Carnival of Venice
  • Jules Demersseman
  • Symphonic Dance Music from West Side Story I. Scherzo II. Mambo III. Cha-Cha IV. Fugue
  • Leonard Bernstein
  • Suite of Old American Dances I. Cake Walk II. Schottische III. Western One-Step IV. Wallflower Dance V. Rag
  • Robert Russell Bennett
  • Italian Polka
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff
  • Danzόn No. 2
  • Arturo Mάrquez

(Guest Conducted by Dr. Ed Powell, PLU)

Join us for a concert you can dance too! Our 37th season comes to a close with dance music from around the world.

We will be performing works from Israel, Mexico, and Italy (although it was composed by a Russian composer). Also on the list, are several movements from some of the oldest music written for wind instruments. ‘Selections from the “Danserye”‘ is dance music written during the Renaissance period by Tielman Susato in 1551. The wind instruments we hear today are very different from instruments of the 1500s except for maybe the flute and drum. Continue reading “Dances Around the World”

Night of the T-bone!

Graham-Kapowsin High School

March 9, 2019 7:30 pm

This concert we feature one of our community’s educators and instrumentalists, Rebecca Ford. Ms. Ford is the Lecturer of Trombone at Pacific Lutheran University and is an active trombonist and teacher in the Puget Sound region. She can be heard with ensembles such as: the PLU Lyric Brass Quintet, Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Tacoma Opera, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and many others.

Sounds of the Season

Bethel High School

December 8, 2018 7:30 pm


  • Diamond Fanfare
  • Samuel R. Hazo

Join us as we celebrate the holiday season with Sounds of the Season.  Our Christmas concert will include traditional Christmas music, Israeli folk songs, and our annual favorite, Leroy Anderson’s Sleigh Ride directed by the “Direct the Band” winner. It’s a concert you won’t want to miss!

“British Invasion”

Bethel High School

November 3, 2018 7:30 pm


  • Flourish for Wind Band
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Prelude, Sicliano and Rondo
  • Malcom Arnold arr. John Paynter
  • Canterbury Chorale
  • Jan Van der Roost
  • L'Inglesina (Little English Girl)
  • Davide Delle Cese
  • Colonel Bogey
  • Kenneth J. Alford
  • Toccata Marziale
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Gilbert Sullivan's Souffle
  • Sir Arthur Seymour arr. Philip Lang and Kenneth Force
  • Suite from "Hymn of the Highlands"
    1. Ardross Castle
    2. Alladale
    3. Dundonnell
  • Philip Spark
  • Music of the Beatles
  • arr. Mike Sweeney

We start our season by inviting our music friends from across the pond. “British Invasion” is a collection of wind band pieces composed by British composers. Continue reading ““British Invasion””