The South Sound Symphonic Band is a team of volunteer musicians who combine their talents and services to provide performances of artistic merit for the benefit of band members, audiences, and the South Sound community. To support the band, members pay dues and participate in fundraisers. Many members and supporters also donate through Amazon Smile, Fred Meyer Community Rewards, and the donation box at our concerts. We sometimes receive grants, too.

All members are expected to attend rehearsals regularly. If members must miss more than 2 rehearsals in a full concert cycle, they must allow another musician to fill that spot for one cycle. This is meant to minimize the potential setbacks for both members and the ensemble as a whole. We would like to honor the rehearsal process and value members’ time and effort. Strong commitments make strong performances possible!

Most band members have performed at an advanced level as high school and college musicians. Many of our members are employed in music education, music business, and other music fields, but a great many members are employed in other professions outside of music. We encourage experienced musicians to join us as a sub for a rehearsal. Usually, regular members join as a sub a few times or as a concert cycle replacement first.