• Fanfare and Flourishes (For a Festive Occasion)
  • James Curnow
  • Divertimento for Band
  • Vincent Persichetti
  • To Create A Voice
  • Carol Brittin Chambers
  • The Attorney General
  • Karl L. King
  • Quintology The Science of Five
  • Gary D. Ziek
  • An Original Suite
  • Gordon Jacob
  • Linden Lea
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • America Exultant
  • Al Hayes
  • The Greatest Showman
  • arr Paul Murtha

We open our first concert with a stunning introduction directed by our new director John M. Wetherington. “Fanfare and Flourishes” presents a musical subgenre used to announce and celebrate the start of our new season. Throughout the night, the audience will experience the grand gestures of “Fanfare” music and listen to works emoting thriving growth presented in the “Flourishes”. We look forward to seeing you on Nov. 2!